Streaming Self Evaluation

Professionally I am a manager of sales people.

I help people sell themselves. It’s what I get paid to do and I have always done it well. I only say this because as you read my words I want to give you context, and I want you to understand that even though my twitch career has not been long the growth has been because of my ability to evaluate and respond to what I find. Because of this I have only had one day in 5 months since I started where I received no follows and regularly as a new streamer run shows of 60+ viewers at a time without manipulation. Something important to understand about twitch is that YOU are fully in control of  your growth. If you ever find your channel not growing there is always something you can do to change that. With that being said the key to that is proper self evaluation. Below is more or less the format I use to self evaluate. A quick side note is that you want to do this every couple of weeks. If you have a bad night there are temporary uncontrollable factors that could cause that and you should not be bothered by it. Always look at your monthly growth. That’s the real gauge of channel growth. Look at average views, average chatters, and math out your new follows/hour streamed. If you are growing without self evaluation it is likely you are growing accidentally and could grow much faster. I will show my own answers when I do my monthly evaluation today to show my in-depth thoughts on each question as they pertain to my stream and community.


Have I grown in follows this week? If so what percentage growth? Do I see a pattern? Is it at a certain time during the stream? Is it after I do a specific thing?


Are viewers chatting? How many? Can I improve that situation? Do my chatters identify with the stream? How? Are there any toxic elements to chat? If so, who and how can I improve that situation?


Is this game working for me? Are there too many games in my rotation? Should I make a change? Why?


Are my current mods around? What are my expectations of them? Is my community behaving in a way I need heavier moderation? Do I need more help?



Am I attracting new viewers from the browse menu? Is there something that makes my stream different/unique once discovered? What is my vision for the stream and my life as an entertainer? Am I working towards that and How?


Why am I streaming? Am I streaming too much? Too little? Do I do things other than stream? Are there other things I care about? Did I go outside recently? Have I spent time with family or friends? Enough time?
Written by DaBesJared – Edited by Fecklessman – Posted by TheSunnyMachine

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