Infinite Quality
Infinite Quality

A Twitch streamer resource and community for serious affiliated streamers looking for improvement and networking.

What we do and why.

IQ is a unique resource center for Twitch Affiliates and Twitch Partners.

Streaming is hard work and there is no magic bullet for success. 

As a community, we all do our part in raising the streaming standard in an increasingly competitive landscape through cooperation.

Our community has a focus on discussions around streaming issues and technical concerns.  We want to improve our content and production quality, through good production practices and increase technical understanding.  Everyone has different kinds of experiences to share and there is an overwhelming amount to learn as a creator.

IQ has committed artists providing motion graphics, alerts, design advice and feedback.  We have experts in OBS, Web, Audio, and Video production.  Our robust members website exists to share our content, experience, and advice.  

IQ streamers are responsible, respectful, purposeful, flexible, and teachable. If this describes you, click below to start the process and join us. <3