Welcome to Infinite Quality!

This is your on-boarding checklist. As a member of IQ we want you to grow, and to do that we want to make sure you start off with us correctly. IQ is not a networking group in the traditional sense. It isn’t a group to post you are going live in. It is designed to provide you with improvements, recommendations, challenges, relationships, and coaching. Many of you are coming into IQ and have struggled with growth for awhile. Many of you join us from a place of success. Either way none of us are beyond improvement. When we signed up for IQ we clicked a box that stated “I am teachable” and this is the time to make that a reality. So before we can get you moving forward on this we would appreciate if you would do the following.

1. Update your IQ profile with current information and graphics 

2. Review the Best Practices [101] Documents

3. Watch the few basic Tutorial Videos put out by theSunnyMachine

4. Look over the basic graphic packs/panels

5. Change something

If you join IQ and do not change something to improve your stream or your practices you are doing IQ wrong.

Always Improving, always growing. 

If you need help finding anything or have questions of any kind reach out to a community leader on our discord. We would love to help you.