Infinite Quality Streamer 101


Infinite Quality Streamer 101

Game Selection 

Key to growth is exposure. If you want to be a growing streamer you need to select games that allow you to be found. This means knowing your current average viewership and selecting a game that puts you in the top 10-15 positions. This will be a huge change for many of you who view yourself as a name-your-game-streamer. The harsh reality is that if you want to be a top game streaming channel you have to make smart choices for a long time before you can. This is a marathon. If you are not in the top 10-15 positions on the game list you are not streaming to grow, you are streaming to stagnate. When you outgrow a game move on. You can love what you play without insisting on playing what you love.

Hour and Schedule Selection

Don’t be an addict. This may fly in the face of some streamers. Streaming a lot can hurt your mental health in a way you cannot predict. If you stream 8 hours a day and don’t give yourself mental and physical breaks you cannot perform in a way that will distinguish you from others. Streaming is not about streaming quantity, but quality when you are small. Pick times that you can always be found. Become part of someones day. The rest of our lives are on a schedule so let yourself fall into somebody else’s. It gives you the break you need, and it also makes you a treat. If they can always have you, you will be old news. Let them want you. A good length for a small streamer is 3 to 6 hours a stream 4 to 5 days a week. Preferably on the shorter side if you have a full time job or family. Do not sacrifice those other things. If you do sacrifice those the stream will break as well and you will have lost everything and gained nothing. Don’t stream full time until it pays full time.

Tell people to Follow

Your viewers will not click follow if you don’t tell them to. They need help noticing they are having a good time. There is a good way to do this and a bad way. The bad way is the YouTube way of “like, comment, and subscribe”. It is robotic. The the good way is organic. “If you are enjoying us make sure you throw a follow out so you can catch us next time!” Do this as a standard every 30 to 45 minutes or 5 minutes after you notice a major viewer count increase.

Be consistent

Same time, same days, same quality. This is a general rule. If you have a special event it makes sense to miss stream, or if you are sick missing is totally normal. But be committed the ways you can be. The stream cannot go backwards. We create an expectation, and we fulfill it. If we succeed at that it does a thing in people. They NEED more. Consistency in you creates consistency 

in viewer count. Combine this with NEW viewers and your average goes up week over week. This moves you up the chart and lets you select new games.

Read chat out loud

Do not just respond. People love to hear your voice saying their words. It means OTHER people hear 

them and makes them the focus.

Talk to chat in a general sense

 Very often you will get a single chatter dominating chat. It is a good practice talking to chat in a 

more general way at all times. It can prevent a single chatter from blocking others out. It broadens the conversation. Engage with individuals AND the ambiguous chat box.

“Any of you guys ever see this part before? I love it!”

“Ugh, if that ever happens to any of you, you KNOW how I feel!”

Identify chat danger

If someone mentions personal info that could be a TOS violation put yourself against it, and explain that it’s against TOS. A good example would be:

noobsauce2006: I am 12 years old

you: I sure hope not because that’s against the Terms of Service! If that’s a joke, awesome! Welcome! If not maybe check those rules out!

noobsauce2006: No I really am 12!

you: Alright well we can’t have you here since I know that now! sorry man! Have a fantastic evening!

Then remove the viewer. This could be about drug use, violence, or any number of things. Protect your channel. A single viewer is not worth it when the TOS is so hard to navigate. Show you are trying to follow it.

Don’t practice L4L or F4F Fake growth is not growth.

The effort you have to put into Lurk for Lurk and Follow for Follow outweighs the benefit. You will grow in follows, but follows and average view count mean nothing without true engagement. They stop the second you stop. It’s also clear if you practice it, and anyone who is familiar with Twitch will look at you as a number faker. Spend your time and effort improving your showmanship, not talking other people into typing L4L in your chat every 15 minutes.

Consider your preview image

Make sure you can be seen. If possible prefer the right side of the screen so you aren’t blocked by text. Have a visual element that distinguishes you in that small little box from the ones above or below. A graphic behind you, a bright colored shirt, anything that makes you the person to get the click. This is your first impression. This is meeting your date’s father and shaking hands.

Consider your Stream Title

This is your second impression. If you are not big enough to meme, don’t. 


Will probably not work for you. 

Use professional titles that imitate the style of the big streamers. Don’t mention the game name in the title. It takes up space. “Blind|Hardest|Valkyrie Queen” Is a good title. It sets an expectation of a professional streamer being on the other side of that click.

The exception is if you are using automation tools like ITTT and Zapier, two tools we will discuss at some point, you can use your starting title populate information on other websites.  Connecting outside websites and content is key to general social media growth.

You can starting your stream with a title that will populate those tools and then near the beginning of the stream renaming your title for new viewers.  

Us not I

You are not the entire stream. The viewers are the stream as well. You are the entertainment with them. You are the movie screen as well as the the audience. They, including you, are the thing that matters. Without you they still exist. Without them the stream does not.  Get rid of phrases about you when it makes sense to. People need to feel involved and there is no better way than welcoming people to “our” stream. Seeing it as Our stream is what makes it their place to hang out. Speak about it like it is. It helps it feel like the reality it actually is.

The True Lurker

 Lurkers are what twitch is about. Not the L4L but the person who is actively watching without chatting, or the viewer that is listening but working. The majority of your viewers will be someone hanging out when they can. It’s how you can see big streamers with 2000 viewers still reading chat. Acknowledge their importance. Thank the lurkers, and say “lurk away guys! You make this possible”
Originally Written by DaBesJared & Fecklessman – Edited by TheSunnyMachine

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