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The future of Infinite Quality

Our first goal: Supported by the community at large. 

The members website, the members discord, and the new graphics coming regularly are only available to Infinite Quality members.  Membership is free and support is not required.  Our Desire is to be community supported, created, and driven!

Our Goals:

Monthly Coaching/Workshops with members and supporter appreciation.

Community Artists and Leadership.

Regular upgrades for the Website, motion graphics, effects, alerts, and more added to the store! 

Growing Community Podcast.



$100 a month - Foundational Support - 20 Subs


40 %
With your support we can commit to growing out more services.  The sub levels are offered to help us get closer to our goals. 
Our goals on this page are our good faith communications with you in what we would like to do.  Our goals can change, and we will do our best to communicate with you as we evolve the kinds of services we can provide.   
Accepted Members who support will get a role in discord called "Supporter".  We appreciate our members and with your support we expand our reach and what we offer as a community. <3

Help us do more!  Our first Goal is ask the community to help support what we are doing.

Infinite Quality is a free resource for it's members. Financial investments, professional work, art, and time were used to create this platform. There is a monthly cost to our current infrastructure which will only need to grow as our community grows. Infinite Quality up to this point has be generously provided by the admins and a few contributors through patreon. If you would like to help share the burden of what we currently provide and help us do even more, please consider supporting below!

You can support on patreon or directly through paypal.

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