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Content Creation is sometimes thankless and regularly challenging

Communities like IQ are there to help you when you get stuck or just need advice from your peers!

What is Infinite Quality?

Infinite Quality (IQ) was originally created for Twitch Affiliates to have a place to troubleshoot and discuss streaming.

We have now expanded our community to work with all creators from all platforms.  If you are looking for a place to discuss, network, and troubleshoot content creation.  Consider joining our Discord.

or checkout our Public Forums here:

What does IQ do?

We have a Podcast and YouTube Channel dedicated to content that will help you improve your streaming, videos, and social media journey in general.


Our discord and Forum is a like a think tank and IT support help desk.  It has a great deal of other creators looking to network, give advice, and chat about content creation.

Having trouble with OBS or want to ask about the best way to meet new friends… Join our Discord and ask our community for help!

Is there a membership fee?

IQ is completely free.

We are crowd funded through patreon and other monetization methods like paypal and discord.

Our community supporters help keep our, podcast, YouTube videos, and website running. If you would like to support IQ, please visit:

Is this a Team?

No IQ is not a team, it is just a community of creators.

IQ has an optional twitch team, but IQ as a community is not a team. Joining the IQ team just allows us to give you added benefits through our website, but joining the IQ team is 100% optional.

You might find our logo in streamers panels, this is a free way to support the community and invite new members.  As IQ grows so does it’s overall value to every member.  You are free to join any teams and work with any streamers you would like.  Our community goals include helping streamers get creative and offering them visual tools to do so.

How will joining improve or impact my content creation?

We have graphic artists with 20 years of experience, animators, people educated in business growth and finance, frontmen from bands who understand presentation and performance, as well as community leaders who are constantly studying content creation and the streaming industry.  We are creators and we understand that doing content creation alone only gets you so far.

Having feedback from a community of other creators, can help you reach your goals faster, improve your content, and get past technical issues much more quickly than you might have otherwise.

We are stronger together!

IQ is open to all creators on all platforms.