Making content for other platforms

As many of you are well aware of most of the world uses platform platforms like Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, etc to seek out content when they aren’t on twitch as many other streamers do as well to see whats going on in the gaming world. If you haven’t considered making any content for these other platform you are potentially missing out on an audience that would look up your stream after seeing you on other platforms. 

The content for the other platforms doesn’t have to be something you make completely from scratch, it simply can just be a clip from your channel that you have edited to fit the requirements for the other platforms. 

To get started I recommend to anyone that is looking to make more content for other platforms but are struggling with other software. It formats videos amazingly and exports fast and easy. Editing on this website is super easy and it even has some built in tutorials to help you.

A quick range of platforms and their video time lengths:

~ igtv: full length video (up to 10 minutes) > 16:9 ratio
~ Facebook: full length video (up to 10 minutes) > 9:16 ratio
~ Instagram feed/twitter: 60 second clip > 1:1 ratio
~ tiktok: 15-60 second clip > 9:16 ratio
~ insta stories: 15-60 second clip > 9:16 ratio
~ insta reels: 15 second clip > 9:16 ratio

As you can already see Instagram has a ton of different options for content, most of the ratios are the same in most of the platforms so you can easily use one edit across many different platforms. 

Honestly if anyone hasn’t considered tiktok as a platform yet I would highly suggest getting one. It is a quick form of content so clips really work amazingly on the platform. I’ve seen some small streamers gain some traction from it and if you are making things in a 9:16 ratio anyway for other platforms you wouldn’t be doing an extra edit. Honestly just another way to gain a following. Fun behind the scenes or streaming jokes seem to work well on the platform as well.

I’ve seen a few streamers give advice on the platform as well so if you are doing short sharp education they added a learning section on the app as well that’s based on you likes which has been amazing to scroll through since mine is full of streaming/video editing, Photoshop and art advice. most people use the #learnontiktok along with some other keywords like Photoshop or streaming tips to get on the learning side, but it seems to work with having just the word tutorial in one of the hashtags (like #arttutorial, #obstutorial). This content can also be taken to other platforms with the same ratios. 

Have fun creating! 

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