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The Complete Soundboard Guide for Streamers!
3 Parts

Basics to understand.
OUTPUT and INPUT – in relation to the device.
Analog Audio can always be converted.

A. Connecting the Board.
Zero The Board:

2 directions: 1 into the board / 2 Out from the board.
Into the board:
Analog Audio. Cable types, adapters, and groundloop isolators.

Out from the board:
Digital Audio: USB – master audio out
Analog Audio: Aux Send to Soundcard for Mic seperation.

B. Windows Settings
Audio Control Panel

Playback – OUTPUT
Choose a soundcard for a purpose – Connect to soundboard – Label and settings to change.
Advanced Settings Highest Quality Available.
Output Level – 100

Recording – INPUT
Voice Input vs Stream Input
Advanced Settings – 48000hz – Highest bit depth.

Soundboard General Input Volume: 69
Discord Input volume – See Discord Video linked at the top of the description!
Default Devices – Set LAST!

C. OBS settings
Audio Quality Settings.
Bitrate 320
Filters – Gain and Limiter

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