Follow Bot Removal

This link will allow you to remove followers and also block them from following again.  Not a hard process since bots all follow at once.  The tool is very powerful but is somewhat easy to use.  

  1.  Login to site.  
  2.  Filter results using Followed at, account creation date at, minutes between account creation date and follow, or username with RexExp.
  3. Click remove All followers listed below (HINT: you need to apply filters before hitting this button as it will load all your followers)  
  4. Done.

You can also go through your follower list and remove individuals as well.  This tool will allow you to export as well to CSV, so you can have a hard copy to give to twitch if they require it.  From personal experience, I suggest you have follow alerts on a separate overlay so that when this occurs you can easily disable them without having to login to SE or SL or whatever alert platform you are using to toggle it but that’s a personal preference.    

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