OBS Tips and Tricks

A few OBS tips and trick that you may not have known:


  • When editing a source you can use these hotkeys to make the set up go faster:
    • Edit transform: Ctrl+E
    • Reset transform: Ctrl+R, 
    • Fit to screen: Ctrl+F, 
    • Stretch to screen: Ctrl+S, 
    • Center to screen: Ctrl+D, 
    • Crop a source: holding ALT and dragging the red box
  • Docks:
    • Docks bring in helpful information to your OBS like:
      • Twitch quick action buttons
      • Event list
      • Chat
  • Preview Scaling
    • With preview scaling, you can zoom in and out to fine tune any scene adjustments to get a source looking exactly the way you want it placed
      • Enable by: Right clicking on the preview window, preview scaling, set to canvas/output, hold space bar and scroll in and out
  • Scene nesting (credit Toasty and FemmeFox): 
    • Scene Nesting is basically taking one scene and putting it into another one, so 2 scenes in one. Helps keeps things consistent and compact, a change made on a nested scene will be updated globally across OBS so you would only have to make the change once instead of multiple times.  
  • Hotkeys: with and without stream deck
    • Hotkeys are super helpful so you don’t keep having to manually go into OBS to change scenes, change chat mode, muting mics, or even set off surprises.
      • Set up with keyboard: Inside the Open Broadcaster Software settings menu, you can access the Hotkeys area. Assign them to keys not normally used in games or typing. 
      • Good apps to use: Touch Portal IOS/Android, Elgato Stream Deck Mobile IOS /Android, streampuppy
  • Locking volume
    • Have an audio level you want to stay put so it doesn’t accidentally gets changed? Lock it down with this setting.
      • How to: Click on the cog wheel under the audio you wish to lock to bring up the menu, click Lock Volume at the top
  • OBS plugins:
    • OBS plugins add features to OBS, like DLC. Plugins can add anything from live captions to a virtual cam
      • Closed Captions (credit FemmeFox) “in short there’s a plugin that puts Captions into your stream embed. So you don’t need any other pages open. And they stay in your VODs too.” “Some caveats: like all CC, it’s not perfect. The more clear you speak, the less mistakes it makes. It can struggle with some accents. I know it’s unusable to Ceddy for instance. If you’re like me and speak really fast, it’ll give up and wait for you to stop. And if someone else is trying to talk on mic with you it has a bad day. Best part though is that it’s built into the native Captions option on Twitch so it’s either on or off for viewers. Their choice entirely. I know I have a couple viewers that use it.” GET THE PLUGIN HERE
      • Explore some of the other plugins HERE
  • Webcam shapes:
    • Dislike being in a box? Turn your webcam into any shape you want! 
  • Triggerfyre:
    • Let’s you create media triggers for you stream that your rewards or chat can use
  • Seen.GG:
    • Lets you add reactive images to your OBS scene, triggered by words you say out loud, Preview HERE
  • Twitch.Guru:
    • Let’s you add a few fun features to you stream like; Award timer, Talking hand, Random clip player, etc
Have an OBS tip or trick you don’t see on the list? Leave a comment or message me on the discord and I’ll add it in! 

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