Before going live, check these boxes!

Hello fellow IQ members!

How often have you hit that “Start Streaming” button, and 30 seconds later, realize you forgot to have your music ready, or forgot to update your info tags, or send out a tweet?

If the answer is even once, this post is for you. If you never have, well then, you can check out now. (it’s a check-mark joke…get it?)

Being ready with confidence

There are so many things that go into streaming, and so much of it has to work perfectly for a stream to even happen. Lights, Camera, Computers, Consoles, Mic, the list goes on. But when I hit that button to start my stream, I do it in confidence that I am set to go every time, thanks to my checklist. Here is mine as an example.

Everyone’s is going to differ, and that’s an important thing. Make one yourself, and add what you need. My Counter is for my deaths in Dark Souls. I also prepare my OBS on the “update games” step, but if you need to add that as a checklist item to yours separately, do it! Make sure your list reflects your needs as an individual streamer.

I also have it listed in order of when I need to do them. I move down the list, and once I each the end, I’m ready to hit “Go Live”.

Starting with assurance

Having a checklist of each thing you need to do before stream, in order of when you need to do them, helps you start your stream knowing you’ve done everything right, and you’re ready to entertain. This frees you up from any unneeded early stream jitters, and helps you focus on making that sweet content that only you can.

I hope this helps!

Happy Streaming,


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